Paya Village one of the better beaches in Tioman, along with a splendid mountain view to boot. The name "Paya" (or "swamp" in English)

Paya Village is located under the watchful eye of Gunung Kajang (or Mount Kajang). At 1,038 metres above sea-level, it is the highest peak in Tioman Anyway, Paya Village is one of the two ascending and descending points for this huge mountain

The section of Bunot Beach which faces Tomok Island is very secluded and fabulous. It is located some 30 minutes of walking through the jungle trail from the village. Or one could charter a boat from the villagers for a half-day relaxing excursion on Bunot Beach. Tomok Island is also a great dive site known for its marine life variety.If you stay at Genting,there pathway connecting this places and its take around 30 minutes to 40 minutes .

We recommended 2 places to stay here such Paya Beach Resort and Sri Paya Tioman Chalet .For those looking for better stay ,I recommended at Paya Tioman Resort and whos looking for budget,Sri Paya Tioman Chalet are the best.

For food,there lots of restaurant here running by villagers and chalet owner .Most menu is Malaysian recipe. For grocery you can get at Santai Cafe .

Sealantis Dives Center for those want to diving activity.

Paya Beach Resort

Sri Paya Tioman Chalet