Journey start from Tekek by 4x4 Offroad transport or four wheel drive ,fare around RM30-RM50 per person and for charted will costly around RM150-RM200 .Its will take 30 minutes only.For walking distance,its take 2 hour .Most of road condition are good.Even local using Motorcycle to cross from Juara to Tekek with out any problem. During the journey to this places,you will get fresh air with surrounding of tree such Rubber tree ,Durian and others.

The only village on the eastern side of the island, Juara arguably has the best beach on Tioman and the only sunrise over the open water of the South China Sea. Tranquil and beautiful, this village is the perfect place to get away from it all. Only few chalet and resort available here with resonable rates minimum RM80.00 - RM100.00 per night with breakfast .Such Juara Mutiara Resort , Juara Beach Resort , Rainbow Chalet and other.Its right destination for those looking for quiet and less people here.

Juara Mutiara Resort

Rainbow Chalet

A few chalets and restaurants are lined up on the golden sands of the beach, which is up to 20 metres wide in places. The curve of the beach stretches over two kilometres, ending in a rocky headland in the north and a lagoon in the south. For walking distance its will take 2-3 hour mean from North to South.